" Voyeuristic Tendencies "

1984, 17 minutes, 16mm, black and white, sound
Directed, Filmed and Edited by Dominic Angerame

"VOYEURISTIC TENDENCIES is not so much a film about voyeurism as it is about our tendency to be voyeuristic. That tendency, nurtured by the filmmaker’s carefully crafted  succession  of visual teases and exploited by the camera’s  ability  to become our eyes, becomes increasingly evident as the film progresses. The camera teases the viewer, in this case, co-voyeur, not with sexual or erotic  innuendo, but rather with graphic and aesthetic challenges. The partially opened window of a  woman’s  dressing room forces us to realize our urge to see more.  That  urge comes not so much from a longing for exposed breasts, but as a need to make  the picture whole, and to know more about these hidden worlds. This type of cinematically induced self-realization makes VOYEURISTIC TENDENCIES a powerfully  human film."Most of the people we view appear to be merely going through the motions. Their actions  seem  hauntingly void of emotion or thought.  By  temporarily  becoming Voyeurs, we were hoping for bigger and better things, e.g., passion...melodrama, but are left with only a secretary nervously tapping her nails."—Roger Nieboer

"...a  perfect sex film for the ‘80s. We are teased, cajoled, lured and  finally snubbed as we learn one possible answer to what has happened to sex; it has been subsumed  in  our  society’s current confusion between  artifice  and  reality."—James Irwin




Available for sale on videotape.